It's all his fault. Plain and simple.  He brought me to it, let me taste it, then supplied me with the opportunity as often as time allowed.  I have been beyond addicted ever since, and I thank him often for it.  I followed my Dad around creeks, out onto piers, and up mountain streams all throughout my time growing up.  These are some of my earliest and best memories.  They are the times I always hold sacred.  Lessons about life, hard work, and discipline.  Learning that life doesn't always play nice, and neither do the fish.  If you want it, you have to work for it.  There is no doubt it was much more work for him during those years.  I know he sacrificed a lot of his own fishing time to endure my tangled lines and lures hung up on limbs.  There was more than one broken rod, that he worked hard for, that never got replaced.  

I'm a Dad myself now, and these truths are becoming evident in my own life with my two boys.  Dad and I don't get to fish together as much as I'd like any more.  So a few years ago I started trying to make sure we got at least a good trip together around his birthday.  

This year I hired Guide Ben Moore.  A local southern native of Georgia Ben has spent the last 16 years guiding between Ga/Sc and Montana in the summers.  We floated a river that will remain nameless.  If you'd really like to know, look Ben up on Facebook under his page "East Anglers", and have a look at his info and photos. 

Ben is an excellent guide.  I have only hired a few in my day, but in my estimation he is the best I have encountered so far.  He was great with my dad, a skilled drift boat operator, and very knowledgable about his fishery.  We had an absolute blast.  More than that I was free to watch my Dad enjoy for himself what he had shared with me so long ago.  I was glad to give back to him in that regard.  He caught his largest rainbow and brown trout on fly that day.  We managed over twenty fish on this trip.  I was amazed at the strength of even the smaller fish on 6wt tackle.  I had only caught a few trout on fly prior to this float.  Most of my fly fishing has been saltwater and warm water.  I have to admit I have often scoffed at drifting nymphs under indicators.  No more.  It was an amazing experience. One I plan to repeat.  With my Dad...