I came across this short film in my news feed today.  I immediately recognized a young man I had met a couple of times in Black Fly Outfitters in Jacksonville florida a couple of years ago.  He was young guy who had just moved to town and according to the guys around the shop, had just started showing up and hanging around the shop between classes.  His name was Tag Sufferling.  I remember thinking how much I admired the fact that he just kept hanging around, tying flies, helping out, until they finally gave him a job.  That drive is rare these days.  People just aren't willing to work their butts off to get where they want to be.  This is authentic. It connects with me and with anyone who's soul can feel a shift when they step onto the bow.   I don't really know Tag all that well personally.  However, I can say without reservation a few things.  He's a fishy dude.  I'd like to pole him some afternoon on a flood tide.  He and his friends very obviously get it.